Ditch Plastic
For The better

Your dog poops. You scoop. With our bags, you’ll be Earthly, planting trees and things.

We’re committed to being a force for good.

We’ve smartened up the cycle with our poop bags. When using Earthly, you’re contributing to reforestation projects. More poop, more scoop = more trees!

We've smarted up the cycle

Committed to quality

100% guaranteed leak-proof design. Thick and durable for extra protection.

Committed to being Earthly!

Reduce plastic waste while contributing to reforestation projects.

What on Earthly?

We’re just a bunch of humans who think nature is cool. We should make more trees. That’s why we plant them. Every day. Dogs love their walks, and so do you. Let’s keep that walk clean, in fact, let’s be good tor Earth, every walk, every poop, every scoop.
We create bio-based dog poop bags that make it easier to clean up after your dog. And feel really good about it.

Why So Earthly?

Sh*t happens, but when the world’s BS stinks worse than your dog’s, there’s a problem. We NEED more trees. Globally, less trees means less life. Get it? 10 billion more trees are cut than are planted every year. But with Earthly? More poop, more scoop, more trees!

Trees clean the air and keep the planet cool, they filter the water, and over 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity depends on trees. They also create 1.6 BILLION jobs, and, most importantly, they’re just so beautiful.

Why So Special

Apart from being bio-based, Earthly’s 9×13” poop bags are leak-proof and extra-thick for a clean poop n scoop. They’re also easy to tear off thanks to perforated breakpoints, and they’re seriously difficult to puncture. 

Our bags are 38% bio-based, USDA Certified, and they’re made with vegetable starch. Once in landfills, the starch gets invaded by microorganisms that break it down within 12 months. This is called a microbial degradation process (look at us with fancy words!). The packaging and core roll are made with carton paper and are 100% biodegradable.

Trees planted in the U.S & Canada

How Does Earthly Work?

Dog poops. You scoop. We plant trees. Well, technically, we all poop. But with Earthly, you’re using bio-based poop bags that contribute to the Earth, reforestation, and less plastic waste. We donate part of our proceeds to One Tree Planted to reverse the damage done to our planet with every poop.

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